Carpet Dye for Bleach Stains and Carpet Stain Spot Remover

carpet stain  Remove bleach stains, while cleaning any carpet stain 

carpet stain  Carpet stain cleaning / spot carpet remover, safe & simple

carpet stain  Learn how to "do it yourself carpet dye" for carpet stains

carpet stain  Problems with home or office carpet stain cleaning solved

carpet stain  Fast and easy fix for carpet bleach stains

carpet stain  Video shows Bleach stains & carpet stain removing


carpet dye Commercial Set

This Set give you every color we make.

Twenty eight extra large dye sticks by the volume this set is equal to five time our Original Set at half the Price.Pricing:


Original Set

Great for browns & grey family carpets

Repair any carpet stain or bleach spotsPricing:


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carpet dye Carpet Patch Pad

Steams,seal & fits patches and seams on all carpets

Sold with 10 feet of glue pads and Spot Cleaning ToolPricing:


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carpet dye Booster Set

Works excellent for bright color carpets

Perfect for colored patterned carpetsPricing:


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carpet dye Save with this bundle

Buy Original or Booster set

and get the spot cleaning tool and

bleach neutralizerPricing:


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spot dye Spot Cleaning tool

Help you to applied and distribute

Carpet dye sticksPricing:


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bleach neutralizer Bleach Neutralizer

Neutralize bleach & chlorine

redye bleached-out carpetsPricing:


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pet stain neutralizer Pet Neutralizer

Perfect product for taking care

of all types of pet stainsPricing:


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brown away Brown Away

Water stain remover

remove brown water stainsPricing:


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carpet dye Admin. Request

Special request

for repeat customersPricing:


grey stain carpet Grey Set & spot cleaning tool

Excellent for Grey color carpets

remove carpet stainsPricing:


pet stain neutralizer Purple Set & spot cleaning tool

Great for purple family carpets

Carpet Stain removerPricing:


red stain carpet Red Set & spot cleaning tool

Excellent for Red color carpets

remove carpet stainsPricing:


carpet dye Blue Set & spot cleaning tool

Excellent for blue color carpets

Repair CarpetPricing:



green stain Green Set & spot cleaning tool

Great for green family carpets

Carpet Stains dyePricing:


Cream Set & bleach neutralizer

Great for cream family carpets

Carpet Stains dyePricing:


Tan Set & bleach neutralizer

Great for tan family carpets

Carpet Stains dyePricing:


Taupe Set & bleach neutralizer

As seen in the instructional video

Carpet Stain removerPricing:


Medium Brown Set & bleach neutralizer

Excellent for medium to dark brown  color carpets

remove carpet stainsPricing:


Pick any 8 Colors

Commercial Set

Lets us know what colors you need in the space

White & Grey Dyes are used for Shading



Carpet Stain Removing & Carpet Dye for removal of Bleach Stains

One Carpet Dye Sticks kit 

will dye hundreds of carpet bleach stains!

carpet stains Carpet Dye Sticks are your affordable solution for all carpet stains, carpet stain spot remover and carpet dye problems caused by pets, sun fade color loss and  bleach stains, as well as bleach carpet stains from household items such as cleaning chemicals, cleaners with bleach, window cleaner, bug spray, dirt,  coffee, red drinks, wine stains, tea, ink and many other types of carpet stains.

The simplest Carpet Cleaning & Spot Removal tool on the market

carpet stains


  • Developed by professional carpet cleaners
  • Used by carpet cleaning technicians for year
  • Produced for consumer with dyeing carpet needs
  • Out performs all liqued dyes
  • Repair any carpet stain and yellow bleach stains fast and easy
  • Any and all bleach stains can be fixed with  carpet dye sticks 
  • Dye carpet with bleach carpet spot removal
  • Dye for carpet spot removal
  • Bleach spot carpet remover

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Which carpet dye is better for covering a carpet stain / bleach stains?

Liquid carpet dye or Carpet Dye Sticks for bleach stains?

Liquid carpet dyes cannot cover a carpet stain (Bleach Stains) but can only add to or mix with the color of the carpet stain. e.g. If you add red carpet dye to yellow bleach stains you will get an orange carpet stain because red and yellow make orange, likewise with blue and red you get a purple carpet stain. The colors are mixing with not covering up the (Bleach Stains) carpet stain, this is carpet dye 101. Carpet Dye sticks are both a carpet dye and a "carpet stain pigment" Used to recolor a carpet stain or for removing bleach stains. A pigment (Carpet Dye Sticks) can cover a carpet stain or bleach stains something like paint can paint a wall. Liquid dyes can only work on bleach stains and that is if you have an air brush to apply and feather them to the bleach stains precisely to the amount of each area of the bleach stains. Liquid carpet dye has a dwell time. Dwell time is the time in which carpet dye changes color as it sets. Dwell time for most carpet dye is about 30 minutes. Carpet dye sticks can dye carpet stain and bleach stains with no dwell time, that is to say that as you apply them to bleach stains or to a carpet stain the color you see is the color you get. (No Waiting). Think about how much trouble it would be to wait 30 minutes every time you add a little more carpet dye as you are dyeing bleach stains or a red carpet stain.

Carpet dye sticks are so simple to use that anyone can easily and effectively dye bleach stains or even a cool-aid carpet stain in minutes. Liquid dyes cannot dye a cool-aid carpet stain because they only work if the carpet stain is lighter than the original carpet color. This is no problem with "Carpet Dye Sticks for Bleach Stains" Liquid carpet dye can only be used on one type of nylon carpet fiber (There are many different fiber types) Carpet Dye Sticks can be used on every fiber type and on any color of a carpet stain or on yellow bleach stains. This is because carpet dye sticks are a specially formulated hybrid between carpet dye and "Pigment carpet stain", making them a bit more like paint. Carpet Dye Sticks unique formula makes them perfect for any carpet stain and for all types of bleach stains. White Carpet Dye Sticks: Liquid carpet dye does not come in white; only Carpet Dye Sticks for bleach stains offer a white dye, because we use a pigment carpet stain for covering bleach stains on carpet. Our White carpet dye sticks are for lightening and shading a carpet stain as well as a spot remover for white carpets. This makes removing bleach stains simple and safe.

Carpet Dye Sticks are simple and safe.

Applying liquid dye to bleach stains or to a carpet stain can be a difficult thing. Bleach stains like any carpet stain from a spill come in all shapes, sizes and shades of color. As with bleach stains any carpet stain from a spill can be 10 different shades and colors as the spill splashed on the carpet. I really don't know how a home owner who has no equipment nor training with an air brush could expect to apply the right amount of liquid dye to the various parts and shades of a carpet stain or to bleach stains.

Carpet dye sticks on the other hand comes in a convenient marker like application and can be applied directly to the carpet stain or to bleach stains. It’s easy to shade just the right areas of the bleach stains as needed to recolor and match the carpet stain to its original color. Any carpet stain like bleach stains can be dyed with perfect color match with Carpet Dye Stick while liquid carpet dyes can only be used on one type of fiber and only on one type of carpet stain and that's if you have the expertise to apply it only where it is needed. Carpet dye sticks win by a mile when it comes to ease of use and effectiveness in results, for re-coloring any carpet stain as well as bleach stains on carpets watch our free "Remove bleach stains" video.

For fast easy carpet stain removal use carpet dye sticks for bleach stains. Bleach stains can be a problem. This product is the perfect match for consumers using these search queries. Carpet stains, spot remover, carpet stain removing, carpet dye, carpet stain cleaning, dye carpet, dye for carpet, carpet remover, bleach stains, carpet spot removal, bleach carpet and carpet bleach.

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