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carpet stain removerWe make Carpet Dyeing Easy!!!

Instruction on how to apply carpet dye sticks

Carpet dye sticks are fast and easy way to repair and restore your carpet stains,Carpet dye sticks are used best on bleach spots as well as faded out areas on carpeting. In addition, carpet dye sticks have success on stains that are darker than the original carpet color.

Step #1: Bleach spots and stains must first be cleaned, neutralized and rinsed before applying Carpet Dye Sticks. This can be accomplished with a hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine. Do not rinse with soap. Only clear, hot water is needed after cleaning.

Step #2: Apply Carpet Dye Sticks to slightly damp carpet. Using a white note pad or sheet of copy paper in order to determine what colors are needed to make a color match. (See instructions and selections.)

Step #3: Using your hand or a carpet groomer, blend the dye sticks to match original carpet color by softly and easily rubbing the dye stick on the stained area. Start in the middle and work your way to the edges of the stain. Start off light and gradually work to a darker color to match your carpet specifications. Most mistakes are made when too much dye stick is applied. This can be remedied by simply cleaning the affected area and starting over.

Step #4: If the shade is too dark, wipe the affected area softly with a cloth and lighten to a more desired shade. Also, you may clean enough off to start over. This product is produced to be partly Non-permanent to allow you several attempts to get the color just right.

Step #5: The gray dye sticks are for shading all other colors as well as for gray carpets. Customers tell us that they have had great success covering plant stains and red drink stains. However, we freely admit that it is not as easy to cover stains that are darker or brighter such as red. We never encourage anyone to bleach out their stains in order to re-dye them. On the other hand, we have been told by others that they have done this. We caution against it. Any time bleach is close to carpet, it has the potential of destroying your carpeting.

There are three main primary colors which include red, yellow and blue.  It is possible that every other color can be achieved with a combination of these three colors.  Fortunately, we have made it more easy and convenient just for you!   We formulated our 12 custom colors in a range of warm, cool, and sand colors.  Red is a warm color.  Blue is a cool color.  Yellow is a sand color.  These terms are used in describing and considering colors in the brown family which include all creams, beiges, tans, taupes and browns. Grays are for the most part cool colors.  However, some grays are warmer than others which would push them more towards the taupe colors. Most browns are warm colors.  Yet, some browns are cooler than others pushing them also towards the taupe colors.  Taupe can be described as a warm gray or cool brown color. Tans consist of colors which are mostly sand-medium to light shades of brown.  Always think of your colors on terms of cool, warm and sand.  These three directions will help guide your dyeing needs.  Remember, if you have a bright yellow bleach spot, you already have too many sand colors to work with, so use your coolest colors such as grays to tone down the yellow.    


     Our dye sticks have no dwell time and are better described as a pigment than a dye. Dwelling is the process where by carpet dyes set and change color as they dry.  Having been in the carpet cleaning and dyeing business for over 25 years, we have learned that many household items can damage and discolor your valuable carpeting.  Also, we realized that not everyone has an eye for color and no two people see color in exactly the same way making the use of liquid dyes a very risky endeavor.  Once you apply them and wait for the dye to dwell you may find that you have only made the problem worse, we have the solution to carpet spot dyeing.  It is true that many house hold cleaning products change the chemical composition of the carpet fibers causing any new dye to react differently when the spot is dyed with liquid dyes.  Even if you were to be able to get the same dye that dyed your carpet straight from the mill it would not dye your altered carpet fibers the same existing color.  Our carpet dye sticks have overcome situations such as these as well as make spot dyeing your carpet easy and affordable!

      We specially formulated twelve colors with a white, Two grays and nine creams to dark brown tones.  This allows the consistency of cool, warm and sand hues to cover 98% of all carpet colors in homes and offices today.  Due to the quantity and cost factors associated with the production of this highly specialized product, we do not offer dye sticks in colors such as red, green, gold or blue at this time.   

      For those of you who have never tried to dye a carpet spot, spill or pet stain with liquid spray dyes let me educate you on the problems you will have trying to get the dye only on the spill or pet stain using liquid spray carpet dyes. It is impossible.
If I can, I would like to draw a picture in your imagination of a bleach stain on your carpet caused by spills of cleaning solutions, a spill from children's drinks and soda pops or a pet stain.
When you have a spill or pet stain on your carpet that causes a stain it is sometimes pronounced and clear to define where the spill stain starts and where the stain stops, and some are like clouds they fade in and out of the original color. now think just how hard it would be to reduplicate that spill or pet stain on your carpet over again when trying to redye, recolor or repair the carpet. A spill or stain is like a finger print, How could you spray a dye exactly on just the areas of the spill? If you just happen to be a professional airbrush artist than OK you could recolor a stain spill on your carpet.  Yet for the rest of the population we don't have the expensive equipment and expertise for artistically air brushing a liquid dye back on to the stain, spilled or pet stain on our carpets.
     When using a liquid dye and a spray bottle to remove a spill or pet stain on your carpet you would not be able to stop nor control the over spray and the stain would now just get bigger and bigger with the new dye added, Where as you had a small light colored spill or pet stain when you started, Now with liquid dyes you would have a huge messy spill of a more noticeable darker stain.
     NOW JUST THINK how easy it is to use a carpet dye stick, a pencil like dye marker that can be applied just exactly where the spill on your carpet occurred and caused the carpet stain in the first place. With CARPET DYE STICKS you can easily and effectively reapply the dye color only where you need it and thus fix, remove or repair your carpet spill or pet stain for a fraction of the cost of replacing.

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Bleach carpet stains? Carpet Dye Sticks make it easier!

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