We are a family of floor covering specialists!  Diversified Floors has been successful in the carpet industry for more than 95 years.  Special skills include but are not limited to certified mill inspector, carpet repairman, or stretch and patch technician.  Experience includes but is not limited to in home carpet dyeing, flood and fire restoration, commercial, multi-family and residential carpet sales and services, carpet cleaning and restoration, as well as trade association leaders and certifications.


 This product is not new to the industry.  In fact, it has been sold to professional carpet cleaning and dye technicians for many years.  Fortunately, now it is available to the public!                        

 Some carpet wholesalers fear a drop in their rental carpet sales.  In response, they have pulled all their outside sales people in for special meetings to alert them of this product which allows apartment managers to spot dye rather than replace carpets on rental properties.  This could save apartment managers thousands of dollars per unit!  We have carefully designed each color to allow you the opportunity to achieve color matches on a wide range of tan, grey, brown, beige and cream color carpets.                         

     See our " FREE HOW TO USE" page for further information on how to best achieve your color match.


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