carpet dye Commercial Set

This Set give you every color we make.

Twenty eight extra large dye sticks by the volume this set is equal to five time our Original Set at half the Price.Pricing:


Original Set

Great for browns & grey family carpets

Repair any carpet stain or bleach spotsPricing:


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carpet dye Carpet Patch Pad

Steams,seal & fits patches and seams on all carpets

Sold with 10 feet of glue pads and Spot Cleaning ToolPricing:


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carpet dye Booster Set

Works excellent for bright color carpets

Perfect for colored patterned carpetsPricing:


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carpet dye Save with this bundle

Buy Original or Booster set

and get the spot cleaning tool and

bleach neutralizerPricing:


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spot dye Spot Cleaning tool

Help you to applied and distribute

Carpet dye sticksPricing:


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bleach neutralizer Bleach Neutralizer

Neutralize bleach & chlorine

redye bleached-out carpetsPricing:


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pet stain neutralizer Pet Neutralizer

Perfect product for taking care

of all types of pet stainsPricing:


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brown away Brown Away

Water stain remover

remove brown water stainsPricing:


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carpet dye Admin. Request

Special request

for repeat customersPricing:


grey stain carpet Grey Set & spot cleaning tool

Excellent for Grey color carpets

remove carpet stainsPricing:


pet stain neutralizer Purple Set & spot cleaning tool

Great for purple family carpets

Carpet Stain removerPricing:


red stain carpet Red Set & spot cleaning tool

Excellent for Red color carpets

remove carpet stainsPricing:


carpet dye Blue Set & spot cleaning tool

Excellent for blue color carpets

Repair CarpetPricing:


green stain Green Set & spot cleaning tool

Great for green family carpets

Carpet Stains dyePricing:





Pick 8 colors from your Commercial Set



Need help deciding what Carpet Dye to buy? 

Check out our three different sets to help you and get started, this can help you find

just the right product for your carpet stains!!


Also check out our "Carpet Dye Sticks blog" which has more info on product usage and more...

"Carpet Dye Sticks Original Set"

consisting of twelve (12) easy to use colors, white, light grey, dark grey, cream, taupe, warm tan, sun tan, Tan, sand, cool brown, dark brown and warm brown. This set is for colors in the brown and grey family and is used by blending the colors on the carpet to match your existing carpet color as seen in video.

    "Booster Color Set"

    Also 12 colors. The same formula as the original set yet in bright and brilliant colors, perfect for colored, patterned restaurant, hotel and patterned residential carpets.

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