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For those of you who have never tried to dye a carpet spot, spill or pet stain with liquid spray dyes let me educate you on the problems you will have trying to get the dye only on the spill or pet stain using liquid spray carpet dyes. It is impossible.
If I can, I would like to draw a picture in your imagination of a bleach stain on your carpet caused by spills of cleaning solutions, a spill from children's drinks and soda pops or a pet stain.
When you have a spill or pet stain on your carpet that causes a stain it is sometimes pronounced and clear to define where the spill stain starts and where the stain stops, and some are like clouds they fade in and out of the original color. now think just how hard it would be to reduplicate that spill or pet stain on your carpet over again when trying to redye, recolor or repair the carpet. A spill or stain is like a finger print, How could you spray a dye exactly on just the areas of the spill? If you just happen to be a professional airbrush artist than OK you could recolor a stain spill on your carpet.  Yet for the rest of the population we don't have the expensive equipment and expertise for artistically air brushing a liquid dye back on to the stain, spilled or pet stain on our carpets.
When using a liquid dye and a spray bottle to remove a spill or pet stain on your carpet you would not be able to stop nor control the over spray and the stain would now just get bigger and bigger with the new dye added, Where as you had a small light colored spill or pet stain when you started, Now with liquid dyes you would have a huge messy spill of a more noticeable darker stain.
NOW JUST THINK how easy it is to use a carpet dye stick, a pencil like dye marker that can be applied just exactly where the spill on your carpet occurred and caused the carpet stain in the first place. With CARPET DYE STICKS you can easily and effectively reapply the dye color only where you need it and thus fix, remove or repair your carpet spill or pet stain for a fraction of the cost of replacing.

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