One Carpet Dye Sticks kit 

repairs hundreds of carpet stains and spots!

      "Stains in carpets or rugs can be such a hassle. Make it easy on yourself and dye those spots out on you carpets and rugs. Take a dye stick of the color of the carpet or rug and dye the color back into the carpet or rug."


     This video explains how to use Carpet Dye Sticks to effectively remove carpet stains and spots caused by household items such as bleach.  Now, removing carpet stains and spots is easier than ever!  Learn how to do it yourself.  Watch the instructional video below. 

     If you don't have QuickTime, please click the link below to download it.


  • Developed by professional carpet cleaners
  • Used by carpet cleaning technicians for years
  • Produced for consumers with dyeing carpet needs, just like you

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We sell carpet dye products to help you in your quest to use dye carpet shampoo machine and dye carpet at home where carpet color dye is gone and you need carpet-dye to carpet dye house you dye old carpet. now learn how to rit dye your carpet and where to buy carpet dye for carpet dye do it yourself to buy carpet dye and see carpet dye home instructions


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Removing Carpet Stains & Carpet Dye Kits

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